All your packages with correct weight

The most efficient way to provide quality

Giró CheckWeighers, ensure all the produced packs have the required weight


Stand alone CheckWeigher to be installed in any packaging line


CheckWeigher to be coupled to a GirBagger machines

Ensure the content of your packs

CHW-S60: Stand alone CheckWeigher up to 60 bpm

CHW-G30: Checkweigher coupled to GirBagger machines

Ideas to make your plant more efficient


Clip2Clip, a new fashion to the clipped bag

Clip2Clip a new and attractive package with our clipping machines

Window Compact: a small great pack

A new way to display your fruit: compact, attractive and high visibility.

Bag box filler machine GBF 100

Automates the last stepin your mesh packagingline and save labor cost