GirControl Plus

All the details of your packaging plant

Get the best performance in your packaging process

Connect Giró machinery to GirControl Plus and collect all the information


Real time information of every machine


Analyze all productivty and efficency ratios


Know the reason why your machinery stops

Look at your plant from any place

High added value tool

GircControl Plus is an exclusive and unique tool in the fruit packaging sector. Giró machinery connected to GirControl Plus send all the data to allowconvenient monitoring and analysis. GirControl Plus not only is capable to observe your plant in real time but also it is an essential tool to analyze all packaging process ratios. WIth this high valuable information it is easy to identify improvements for efficency and productivy improvement. Remote access allows to know the information from everywhere in the world.

Everything under control

Some ideas to improve your packaging plant performance


Clip2Clip new concepts

New concepts make the package more attractive and boost sales of Giró's clipped bags

New Handle Bag

Landscape orientation format: attractive, excellent product visibility and easy to carry. 

EXACT 100 dynamic weigher

Great performance weigher with high capacity and accuracy