We have all types of labeling for your packages

The Giró labeling as an ideal complement to your packagings

Print quality and versatility of shapes

Wineglass labels

The Wineglass label is specially designed to clipped net packaging

Clip2Clip labels

The Clip2Clip label is an attractive alternative, modern and elegant for traditional clipped net bags with Wineglass.

Adhesives labels

Wide range of adhesive labels for all the different packages by thermal welded net bags.

A new style for the clipped net bag

Wineglass labels are particularly indicated for the production of clipped net bags.


Clip2Clip new concepts

New concepts make the package more attractive and boost sales of Giró's clipped bags

New Handle Bag

Landscape orientation format: attractive, excellent product visibility and easy to carry. 

EXACT 100 dynamic weigher

Great performance weigher with high capacity and accuracy