Smart Consumables System

Consumables who talk to machines

Avoid packaging mistakes and cost

Thanks to Smart Consumables, Giró baggers notice any mistake


Giró GZ or GB reel nets are compatible with GirBagger and CA-10 machines


Giró SCS film is compatible with GirBagger range


SCS labels are compatible with GirBagger and SCS Wineglass with CA-10

Traceability control without precedents

Pack without mistakes to control you quality

SCS (Smart Consumables System) is an exclusive technology developped by Giró to avoid mistakes filling consumables to the machine and automatically record trazabilty data. A RFID tag identifies every consumable (net, film or label) as a unique item. The SCS device installed in GirBagger and CA-10 machines automatically detects the RFID data to assure the use of a right item and stores the traceability information in the GirControl Plus database

Better quality control integration

Avoid human mistakes to save time and cost


Clip2Clip new concepts

New concepts make the package more attractive and boost sales of Giró's clipped bags

New Handle Bag

Landscape orientation format: attractive, excellent product visibility and easy to carry. 

EXACT 100 dynamic weigher

Great performance weigher with high capacity and accuracy