The best way to center the message

Forget the visible token

Thanks to Giró SpotLess technology your packing will have a great looking

Maximum splendour to your pack design

The best film centering reliability

SpotLess technology consists on invisibile token printed in the film. GirBagger machines equipped with a special device detects the invisible mark and cuts the film in the right position. All the packs will have the centered message without using the unsightly black & white printed token. SpotLess is a Giró's exclusive technology which gives an added value to the packaging process.

Centering without mistakes

Try to use centered films, your packaging will improve


Clip2Clip new concepts

New concepts make the package more attractive and boost sales of Giró's clipped bags

New Handle Bag

Landscape orientation format: attractive, excellent product visibility and easy to carry. 

EXACT 100 dynamic weigher

Great performance weigher with high capacity and accuracy