The best way to center the message

Forget the visible token

Thanks to Giró SpotLess technology your packing will have a great looking

Maximum splendour to your pack design

The best film centering reliability

SpotLess technology consists on invisibile token printed in the film. GirBagger machines equipped with a special device detects the invisible mark and cuts the film in the right position. All the packs will have the centered message without using the unsightly black & white printed token. SpotLess is a Giró's exclusive technology which gives an added value to the packaging process.

Centering without mistakes

Try to use centered films, your packaging will improve


Clip2Clip, a new fashion to the clipped bag

Clip2Clip a new and attractive package with our clipping machines

Window Compact: a small great pack

A new way to display your fruit: compact, attractive and high visibility.

Bag box filler machine GBF 100

Automates the last stepin your mesh packagingline and save labor cost