Giró launches the Dual Handle

February 2020


Giró is constantly committed to the investigation of new materials and new packaging technologies in order to offer environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions within the fresh produce packaging industry. Therefore, Giró presents its new Dual Handle pack in 2020, a 100% recyclable bag, light as a 2 cent coin that can be produced with any GirBagger or GirBagger Speed Line.

Both the net and the film are made of 100% PE (polyethylene), and thus it is a mono-product package easy to recycle.
The pack has two thin printed handles (they have a width of only 30 mm along the central part that widens up to 75mm at the ends) and offers a perfect balance of minimalistic packaging and product visibility at the point of sale.

The variable data is printed through direct thermal transfer printing onto the film, so no adhesive label is required.

The Dual Handle weighs only about 3 grams and can contain between 1 kg and 2 kg of fruit or vegetables, making it one of the most efficient packs on the market.

Further to the fact that it does not need a metal clip or any other element, one of the biggest advantages of this package is that it can be produced with an existing GirBagger or GirBagger Speed Line with the only addition of a Window-Compact kit.
Remember that the GirBagger, with a park of more than 3,000 machines installed world-wide, is the most versatile packaging machine on the market since it allows, with only one machine, to produce up to 11 different packages (Ultrabag, Ultrabag Fashioned, Window Ultrabag, Girsac, Girsac Fashioned, Girplus, Girplusac, MiniBag, Window Compact, Handle Bag and now Dual Handle). The output of the machine is up to 30 bags per minute when producing Dual Handle.