Giró presents the new 100% cellulose range, totally free of plastic

January 2022

The European Union has focused in recent years on reducing plastic pollution and the European Commission has adopted the "European Strategy for Plastics in a Circular Economy" which stipulates that by 2030, all packaging must be reusable, recyclable or compostable.

Giró, as a company committed to the environment, continues to work to provide sustainable solutions that meet the needs of different markets, following the laws and regulations of each of the countries in which we work (among which is the 2030 agenda mentioned above).

Giró launches to the market a third world within the EcoGiró range to present the new 100% cellulose packaging. Until now, Giró was divided into 100% plastic and 100% compostable solutions, but this year 2022 we present a new world based on cellulose as a 100% recyclable material with which thermo-adhesive (Girsac and Ultrabag) or clipped (WG and C2C) can be produced.

Cellulose packaging is made from 100% cellulose materials. The thermo-adhesive packaging consists of joining the paper film to the Gircel netting and the clipped bag consists of joining the paper labels to the Gircel netting.

The model of this new world is based on cellulose which, once used, has to be recycled into the paper and paperboard container for a new use.