Philip Parnagian

President Fowler Packing

Giro was far superior

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We took Giro with their new weigher that could do 50% more with the same footprint.I calculated a $0.07 - $0.08 savings per 5lb unit compared to some of the other competitors.Giro was far superior and for us doing so many million bags per year that adds up to a lot of grams.

Jacob B. Nixon

Vice President of Engineering & Process Improvement Mission

An effective and efficient bagging program.

We value our partnership with Giró Pack. Their quality equipment and materials, combined with exceptional service have provided an effective and efficient bagging program.

Eric Borton

Borton Fruit

Our partnership with Giró has been one of the keys for our success

Giro has been a great partner for our company. Borton Fruit was one of the first to adopt a mesh bagging program in the U.S. apple industry and our partnership with Giro has created an immense amount of success within the bagged fruit segment of our business, helping to maximize efficiencies in production, gain an edge in fruit presentation and ultimately increase our returns. Their equipment, technology and products are all top of the line and we can always count on the team at Giro to execute and follow through to meet our needs

Tony Floyd

Operations Manager, Legacy Fruit Packers

We have exceeded our expectations regarding the savings obtained

Our work with Giro Pack and their team aimed to improve our accuracy on bag weights and create great efficiency in our new facility with regards to bagging apples. We were excited to know that implementing this equipment resulted in an average weight savings of 2% per box thus offering better grower returns. That was beyond our expectations in terms of savings and the speed with which we accomplished our goal.

What we appreciated most about working with Giro was their ability to cut through the predictable politics of a project, keep everyone happy, and deliver the expected results and then some. 

Juan Carlos García Perez de Lema

Director comercial García Aranda

With Giró I get the maximum productivity of the market

With the packaging lines of Giró we get the highest productivity in the market: 78 bags per minute. We are very pleased.

José A García


Investing in Giró ensures great versatility, security and quick amortization

One of the key points is that when you invest in Giró machinery you know that the machine will work for many years and because of its modular option, you will amortize the machines immediately.

The main reason why we decided to invest in Giró machinery is because its versatility, being modular machine allows us to adapt to the latest launches in packaging market and maintain a leadership position. In addition the fact of using a lot the machines allows us to amortize much faster the investment. Last reason is of course the security of being customers of a worldwide leader company in horticultural packaging systems.

Sam Parnagian

Director of operations Fowler Packing

Giró baggers work like clock

Giró baggers work like clock work 25 bags a minute all day long.

The reason for choosing the Giro automated box filler is labor savings